Why you'll Love it

Crested Geckos require less time and effort than most other reptiles. With the appropriate enclosure, enrichment, and food, they will thrive in most home environments.

Confused by all the reptile heaters and lights? No worries, Crested Geckos don’t need them! Their ideal setting is the ambient temperature of most air conditioned homes– talk about easy!

Grossed out by bugs? Good news– you don’t need them for your pet Crested Gecko! These guys eat a fruit based powder mixed with water to create a smoothie consistency!

Extreme Harlequin Tricolor Pinstripe Soft Scale (Female)



SKU: 147CS23

Name : Extreme Harlequin Tricolor Pinstripe Soft Scale

Sex : Female

Year : 2023

Categories : Crested Gecko